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Grab some friends and its temple day, the next day safehouse day. Like we can with maps (which get interrupted by those mandatory encounters)KarhuCave 130 points submitted 2 days agoWhy does every issue need to become political? Science and hard facts now have a liberal bias, and it scary as fuck.I would honestly bet good money that the majority of “climate change deniers” only deny it out of spite for the “liberal left globalist agenda”. Their denial (and Trump has no basis in science or data or facts.Mountains of real, tangible evidence exists to dispute their stance adult sex, but because “the liberals” don hate immigrants/are pro choice/want gun control/want affordable healthcare adult sex, climate change must not be real.They are too ignorant and spiteful to fully comprehend the damage they are causing, all in the name of profits for Exxon/BP/etc..

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